What jerky has the most protein?

Choose jerky that's packed with high-quality protein. Vegan jerky is naturally low in protein; however, turkey, fish or veal jerky is usually high in protein. Depending on the serving size, most meat-based dried meats contain at least 10 grams of protein per serving. This jerky, caught in the wild and cut whole, is as good for you as eating a piece of fresh fish.

It has almost 200 g of omega-3 per serving and comes in three flavors, the highest in sugar of which is only one gram per serving. Pescavore uses gluten-free soy sauce to keep its products accessible to people with allergies, as well as whole food flavors such as minced garlic and ginger puree. If you've ever gotten poetic about the days of gas station snacks and Slim Jims, this meat stick is for you. The meat is humanely raised and has a grass finish, in addition to being grass-fed, meaning it is never grain-fed.

And it has less than 300 mg of sodium per serving, which is in the low range for this snack category. CHOMPS doesn't use sugar at all and lactic acid works instead of creepy preservatives. For a spicy touch, try habanero meat with blueberries. It may seem silly to include the generic brand of a store in our summary, but this product has impressed us for almost a decade, since the texture is always tender when we open the bag.

Not only is it reasonably priced, but 365 turkey jerky is low in sodium and uses all organic flavoring ingredients, such as tamari sauce and pineapple juice. It's as high in protein as veal jerky, with 10 g per serving, but is suitable for people who don't eat red meat. Jerky may not seem like the healthiest snack option, but some of them may actually be good for you. Well-made jerky is actually lean protein with a minimum of additives.

With 10 g of protein, two-thirds of the recommended dose of iron, and a whopping 10 g of fiber per serving, most jerkies can't even dream of being that good for you. And remember to watch for sodium levels, since most jerky contains a lot of salt, which is often part of the healing process.

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